Wireless Vs. Wired Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones

Wireless Vs Wired Peripherals

Gaming peripherals are everything when it comes to building your gaming setup, there are hundreds of options to choose from but only a handful will perfectly match your needs offering design and performance that will truly compliment your individual play style.

I’m going to walk you through the pros and cons of each system and give the best advice as per your needs.

Wireless Keyboards

Wireless Vs Wired Keyboard

You will be free from any cable clutter and as such it’s much easier to clear up your desk for reading or writing.

It also means that you don’t get any cable snagging at all and of course the risk of peripheral ending cable damage is more or less eliminated.

If you’re a regular traveler you’ll also find it much easier to throw wireless items into their bag and as such, they’re great for college and laptop gamers.

Wired Keyboards

Wired gaming Keyboards are really common and are known for responsiveness and low latency that any gamer can rely on.

They are stable, don’t need to be charged, and are relatively cheaper.

Most of the competitive gamers who are not worried about the cables with their setup prefer to have a wired gaming Keyboard

Wireless Mouse/Mice

Wireless Vs Wired Mice

We start with wireless mouse/mice and these have been around for ages, but compromise-free gaming mice are still fairly new this is because a gaming mouse has to feel slick in operation with a great performing sensor and of course minimal latency

Brands like Logitech and corsair managed to meet both of these requirements but like all wireless mice, you may find them to be slightly compromised due to the extra battery weight.

Speaking of batteries, that means charging, but downtime is becoming a thing of the past.

Thanks to wireless induction with Logitech, Razer, and Corsair now Implementing hassle-free charging but do be careful though as this can add a huge chunk of extra cost to an already expensive wireless Mouse.

Wired Mouse/Mice

Gamers, video editors, music producers, and animators usually prefer to use a wired mouse, as it is specific, precise, and low maintenance.

Wireless Headphones/Headsets

Wireless Vs Wired headsets

Wireless headphones/headsets offer a great way to listen to music or grab a few extra frags without needing to have any dangling wires.

They offer no cables snaily under your chair no three-and-a-half millimeter jacks to plugin and of course the ability to move around without dropping that Skype call. t

The main problem is that they are more expensive than their wired counterparts and on certain models you can pick up static interference that will take the sound at lower volumes.

Wired Headphones/Headsets

Almost every wired Headphone/Headset has no sound distortion due to static interference.

But you can’t move much if you’re using a wired Headphone/Headset because of the wires around you.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones

Pros Cons
Cleaner Looking SetupHigh Latency/Less Responsive
No Peripheral Ending Cable Damage Prone to Interference
No Cable Management NeededMore Expensive
PortableExtra Battery Weight
Charging is Required

Pros and Cons of Wired Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones

Pros Cons
Low Latency/More ResponsiveLooks Messy Without Proper Cable Management
Less Prone to InterferenceRisk of Peripheral Ending Cable Damage
Less ExpensiveCable Management Needed
No Extra Battery WeightNot Portable
No Charging Required

Conclusion: So What’s Better For You?

Your NeedsMy Advice
Competitive Gaming
Video Editing
Music Production
If You Want a Clean Looking SetupWireless
If You Have a Low BudgetWired
Normal Gaming and Browsing Wireless
For Less InterferenceWired
For Traveling/PortableWireless
Light WeightWired
Easy to ManageWireless

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