Top 5 Aimbot Gaming Mice For First Person Shooter Games 2022

Top 5 Aimbot Gaming Mice For First Person Shooter Games


In this blog post, I will outline what I think are currently the top seven gaming mice and we’re specifically going to be talking about mice that are going to allow you to aim in first-person shooters the best.

Seeing as that’s where gaming mouse choice is really important and stuff like the shape, the weight, the wireless implementation, how good the cable is, and the input lag because that’s where that stuff really matters the most so let’s just dive right in.

5) Endgame Gear XM1R


This mouse is very good in terms of shape, specifically for claw grip it’s just a very exaggerated and well-formed shape that fits really nice in the hand and the really low main mouse buttons give a really direct pointing aiming experience.

The input lag results are also pretty respectable here when we take a look at both the main clicks at 15.6ms and the sensor at 18.8 and that’s not bad at all especially from a much smaller company.

The weight here comes in at about 70 grams and it comes with a PMW 3370 sensor and Kailh GM 8.0 switches.

4) Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm 2 Wireless


This mouse is a bit the Viper Mini Wireless in terms of design and shape, you have the option here of a few different colors too which is pretty cool but more importantly, you can choose between a honeycomb shell or a completely solid shell.

The main switches here are the Kailh GM 8.0 which feel pretty good, the scroll wheel is very light and very chunky perfect for tap strafing and bunny hopping and overall it is actually a very well-built mouse.

But yes overall the feel of the mouse is the performance in-game this feels every bit like a top gaming mouse just like it should be just coming from a smaller lesser-known brand.

3) Glorious Model D Wireless & Glorious Model D- Wireless


These two mice are pretty much the same thing just slightly different sizes and that is the Glorious Model D and D- wireless.

So when it comes to an ergonomic lightweight wireless mouse I really don’t think you can go wrong with either of these two options.

So yes at the moment these are what I would consider the top ergonomic gaming mice are, the Modal D is coming in at 69 grams and the Modal D- at 67 grams, both feel super comfy in the hands, great buttons, great scroll wheel.

Now ergonomic mice usually feel very oversized heavy and generally just like you’re holding an oversized brick but these two feel really nice to use even coming from the best of the best they’re lightweight, they’re balanced and they’re wireless.

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2) Logitech x Shroud G303

This is the newest mouse on this list which is the Logitech X Shroud G 303, the shape of this mouse is so good I would say that if you have medium to large hands and you use a claw grip this is just the mouse to get.

I mean it might feel weird at first like but give it a couple of weeks and it’ll make it going to anything else incredibly hard because with the G 303 you just feel so anchored and just well locked in you don’t get that from any other mouse on this list.

Even input lag-wise it is right at the top of the chart with the G Pro Superlight making it the fastest mechanical switch mouse, the battery life is also just insane, the buttons feel absolutely incredible too super light and crispy.

When it comes to grip style and hand size and if that’s you with medium to large hands, claw grip, definitely give this thing a shot.

1) Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The top gaming mouse on this list though is probably a surprise to no one and that is the Logitech G Pro X Superlight.

This is the most used mouse when it comes to competitive gamers and what they’re using for games like valorant and apex etc and it is really crazy that even a year after its release no other company has managed to match Logitech.

This is a completely medium-sized 60-gram solid shell, with no cutouts at all that is perfectly balanced combined with a neutral medium-sized shape that 90 percent of people can get comfortable with.

That pretty much sums up why the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is ranked one on this list and why so many people love it.

Mouse Specs Table

  • LT – The latency of the mouse, it is measured in miliseconds (ms)
  • Wt – The weight of the mouse, it is measured in grams
G Pro X Superlight
Logitech x
Shroud G303
Model D Wireless
Model D- Wireless
Ultra Custom Symm 2
Gear XM1R
Orochi V2
Viper Mini
Viper 8K
Viper Ultimate
G 305
Cooler Master
Cooler Master
Aerox 3
M800 3355

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