Top 5 Gaming Mice Buying MISTAKES & How to Avoid Them

Top 5 Gaming Mice Buying MISTAKES & How to Avoid Them

In this gaming mouse buying guide, Hardware Canucks will go through some of the top 5 gaming mice buying mistakes that he has made in the past and the best way you can avoid them.

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Marketing Fluff

Don’t get caught up with the fancy marketing, DPI war Is now irrelevant, the polling rate above 1,000 Hz does not help much.

Weight is also an obsession and everyone is competing to achieve the lightest shell to augment the speed of your reaction.

While in reality, anything below 80 grams for a mouse feels relatively the same unless you reach the 49-gram territory of the MM720 by the Cooler Master that truly feels like your holding air.

And we are finally starting to have balance adjustments on lightweight mice which is far more important than the weight itself.

So the point is to filter out all the fancy marketing and focus on the things that really matter.

Wired vs Wireless

Wireless mice in 2022 have no compromise versus a wired mouse, in input lag and click latency, and in fact, wireless mice are the best performers in 2022.

The main advantage of wired mice is a slightly cheaper price, lower weight, no need to worry about recharging the battery, and no potential wireless interference from other peripherals.

Know Your Hand Size

Don’t buy a mouse hoping it will be comfortable or will fit your grip style and you can do a few things to double-check the basics like your hand size and mouse size ratio chart as developed by Zai from rocket jump ninja.

Features Don’t Really Matter

Don’t get sucked into the overwhelming amount of features as like the additional value adds that are necessary or maybe not.

Because more features is not always better, the only features that are worth It have to do with the shape adjustment to truly offer compatibility for a wide range of hand sizes and grips.

I’m not not saying that we should have mice with zero features but be mindful of what you can imagine yourself using for six months and forward.

Software Not Always Better

Driver software is another point of conflict especially Razer Synapse and Corsair icue, these two get a lot of heat.

Aside from RGB selection and DPI customization, I would argue plug and play approach is more convenient when done right.

So software might be really heavy on your system resources, it might not load your mouse profiles until the software is actually running in the background.

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