The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor – 270Hz Acer Predator

270Hz is incredibly quick for a 1440p monitor and this is the best monitor for games like Valorent and CSGO.

So if you’re someone who really likes the idea of having an ultra-fast really competitive display but at the same time you don’t want to compromise with only a 1080p panel, well this is what I’d recommend instead.

Now, of course, the big question that a lot of you will have is can you even take advantage of that 270Hz refresh rate in today’s games I mean even with an RTX 3080 or higher is 270fps even possible at 1440p.

Well, it goes without saying that you’d be most interested in this monitor for competitive titles most likely first-person shooter games like valorant, CSGO, Apex Legends.

And yeah for those games you can take advantage of 270Hz even at 1440p valorant and CSGO are two games that will play consistently above 270fps if you have a beefy system.

For example something like an RTX 3080 and a modern CPU with around 6 cores or more and honestly the experience in those games in terms of speed it’s not too different from a 390Hz Acer.

1440p can get a bit rough at times and I do feel slightly more competitive on the Acer 1080p, 390Hz for games like Apex Legends and Warzone.

So the bottom line then, if those are the games that you like to play as well, an enthusiast GPU like a 3080 is highly recommended if you want to get even close to maximizing 270Hz

Input Lag And Input Delay

Okay then well what about input lag, since you’ll be gaming at a higher resolution and the time it takes to render each frame will be slightly longer naturally expect about a millisecond or two of additional delay versus 1080p.

But again that’s mostly due to the increased time that it takes to render a frame at 1440p versus 1080p not due to the monitor itself when we normalize the render time though.

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator
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And test that here with Nvidia’s LDAT then the 270Hz Acer actually performs really well essentially as fast when it comes to input delay as those higher refresh 1080p displays.

The Acer Predator does also have a low latency mode in the menu but that doesn’t really seem to do much here especially since we’re measuring the entire chain from a mouse click to a flash on the display.

Response Time And Motion Clarity

Probably the most important aspect of a competitive gaming monitor though are the response time and motion clarity where we want the least motion blur on the display as possible.

Response Time Modes

The 270Hz Acer has three response time modes off normal and extreme all of the modes here look fine honestly but the best mode to use would be normal, slightly less ghosting than off, and no inverse ghosting or color shift that to see with the extreme mode.

Backlight Strobing

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator

Thankfully though we do have a pretty solid implementation hereof backlight strobing and yes it runs at the full 270Hz which is awesome.

There are two strobing modes normal and extreme with the extreme mode offering the best detail and clarity of the moving UFO but at the cost of double imaging being a lot more apparent.

Since the strobe pulse width is extremely short here on this extreme mode it just ends up being too dark to be usable anyway.

Normal mode though that is something that I can recommend using compared to having it off both are honestly really great.

Both have their pros and cons so it’s really up to the user at the end of the day, personally, I do think having it set to normal looks the best.

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator

So then when we compare the non-strobing mode to other really fast 1440p displays like the Asus PG27QM and the LG 27GP850 the results are really close between them.

The Asus does have the best result in the end, in my opinion though with almost no ghosting on the trailing edge which is really impressive.

When we substitute in the strobing mode on the Acer and the LG though which the Asus does not have I would say the Acer does take the lead overall versus the LG.

There is no color shift, there is better detail in the middle and it also runs 90Hz faster, it’s also $200 more expensive though but we’ll come back to that in the end.

Extreme Strobing Mode

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator
Optimum Tech

Now I mentioned that the extreme strobing mode here was too dim to be usable and yeah topping out at just 123 nits that are not bright enough even to use in a reasonably dark room.

The normal setting though which in my opinion just looks better anyway is totally usable topping out here at around 250 nits otherwise with strobing off the Acer predator gets seriously bright at around 450 nits.

So if your gaming room has floodlights installed or if you want to burn out your retinas then feel free.

I will mention that the brightness adjustment in the strobing modes is really weird, you basically have to set a value for the brightness first then turn the strobing on and then toggle the max brightness setting.

Color Performance

Now in terms of color performance out of the box, the 270Hz Acer predator is set to its general mode which uses a wide color gamut and I’m not kidding when I say it’ll be one of the most vibrant and saturated images that you’ve ever seen.

I think Acer has done this because most people will be buying this for competitive titles and generally those users want a vibrant experience it makes picking out those enemies in those types of games a lot easier.

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator

In this mode, you’re getting over 92 percent of DCI-P3 coverage which shows the huge amount of colors that this display can produce.

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator

That also means though that regular desktop use will look very oversaturated in this mode, if not calibrated with a colorimeter which most of you probably don’t have, so just keep that in mind.

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator

Luckily though if you do want a color-accurate experience when it comes to viewing SRGB content online you can switch over to the SRGB mode in the picture settings.

No need for calibration or anything like that here as the result is pretty much spot on out of the box with superbly low delta E values.

Design And Exterior

The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor - 270Hz Acer Predator
Optimum Tech

As for the design and exterior, there’s not a whole lot here that you haven’t seen before, the metal stand is pretty chunky and has plenty of adjustability and the VASA mounting is really simple if you want to use this with a monitor arm instead.


Now in the end, though it always comes down to the price and that’s where I think the Acer Predator 270Hz is actually quite good at around $870.

Now don’t get me wrong that’s expensive for a gaming monitor that for 1440p with flagship specs, that’s actually not too bad considering the other monitors around that price point.

For example versus the $1,250, 390Hz Acer nitro, I would recommend this 1440p model instead, if you have a beefy GPU to go along with it and if you do other things with your display that can benefit from that higher resolution.

For example, content creation or viewing day-to-day work with spreadsheets or documents or just single-player games that you really enjoy, all of that stuff is way better at 1440p and in my opinion is worth that price difference.

And then versus the LG 27GP850, I still think that’s a really rock-solid option at $450 I mean even if you do play a lot of first-person shooters 165Hz is still very fast for those games.

In my opinion, though the pricing is pretty fair here between the LG and the Acer I do feel with the 270Hz Acer Predator you are getting $200 more gaming monitor.

So it really just depends on your own budget and how sweaty of a gamer you really are.

MonitorRefresh RateResolutionScreen SizeApprox.
Acer XB273U GX270Hz1440p32 Inches$870
Asus XG27AQM270Hz1440p27 Inches$671
Acer XV252Q F360Hz1080p24.5 Inches$1,249
LG 27GP850165Hz
(Overclock 180Hz)
1440p27 Inches$447

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Acer Predator XB323U GXbmiiphzx (1440p, 270Hz)

ASUS ROG Strix 27” 2K HDR Gaming Monitor XG27AQM (1440p, 270Hz)

Acer Nitro XV252Q Fbmiiprx (1080p, 390Hz)

LG 27GP850 (1440p, 165Hz) Overclock 180Hz

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