How To Improve Your Gaming and Productivity Setup With These 10 Simple Steps!

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Not many people have a perfect gaming setup, well we all want to improve our setup one way or another. Well, I took some time to brainstorm some tips that will help anyone looking to improve their setup, no matter the budget.

1) Clean Your Desk And Equipment

1) Clean Your Desk And Equipment

There’s no way your setup is gonna look nice if you have a ton of clutter and trash on your desk, throw your empty bottles your wrappers your used tissues just anything that doesn’t belong on your desk.

Once you throw away your trash and keep only the things you need on your desk, you want to clean all of your equipment like your monitors, keyboard, mouse, and just anything that stays on your desk most of the time.

You have to clean up dust and you can pretty much clean anything with some glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, except for monitors.

For your keyboard, it’s gonna be a bit longer of a process since you’re gonna make sure you clean underneath through keycaps, clean the frame, clean the keycaps of themselves.

Once you’ve clean off your equipment and such, make sure you give your desk a good wipe down so there’s no dust and that should be the end of tip number one.

But I recommend that you wipe down everything about once a week or so, as you don’t want the dust to accumulate a lot.

2) Practice Cable Management

The road to the ultimate setup is still far away, and you have probably already spent a lot of time working on it.

Many people have even stopped upgrading their setups due to how frustrating it is.

But this ends now! In this article we will help you reach your ultimate setup; it only takes 3 steps. We will focus on aesthetic and visual improvements, for now, so stay tuned!

Cable sleeves

Cable sleeves

Cable sleeves have to be one of the fastest and cheapest methods of cable managing your setup. It basically combines all your cables into one “sleeve”, acting as one big cable.

Not only do they hide all your cables, but they look good as well!

Under desk trays

gaming setups

Perhaps the most famous one is the IKEA Signum rack, but all other kinds serve the same purpose.

Under the desk, trays are the best solution for a lazy cable management setup, and it does a decent job as well! You just screw it under your desk and rest your cables on it.

Cable clips

This is our favorite! Although they take the longest to set up, it’s 100% worth it.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You can get ones that stick using 3M tape, but we suggest getting the ones that screw in as they are much sturdier.

You simply put your cables inside the “clip” and screw it in wherever you want (under or behind the table).

You can even get ones that stick over your table, which is useful for managing the cables of your keyboard and mouse.

Cable clips

If you have a wooden desk and you always keep your keyboard mouse in the same position you could potentially consider drilling a hole in your desk but I wouldn’t advise that necessary unless you are confident in your decision.

But if you are interested in drilling a hole in your desk I will link down below a tutorial of how to do so.

3) Upgrade Your Equipment

When upgrading your equipment there are a lot of things to consider like figuring out your budget and figuring out what’s more important to get.

Well, the best way to do this is by making a wishlist somewhere like Amazon and adding in potential items you want to get for your setup and this can range from a new monitor, a new chair, a new desk.

Just anything you think would add value to your setup and the only thing you have to do when picking out different equipment is doing research on those items to meet your needs.

A lot of people want to upgrade certain things like their PC but they don’t know whether a certain PC part is better than another or if they want to buy a new monitor but don’t know the type they want or need.

Well, you can visit these two sites that can help you with that, one site can help you find the best monitor and another site gives the best comparisons for different PC parts.

So the first site is and the second one is and after that, it would all depend on your preference in the research looking up the specs and technical information for different products.

And comparing those items with other equipment so you can figure out what will be the better deal.

Well overall the most important thing when upgrading equipment is research

4) Add Style And Personality

gaming setups

Add style and personality to your setup, when you look at a gaming setup, it shouldn’t look dull or meaningless but instead catch your eye and show a little something from the person behind a setup.

You can easily add style and personality to a setup in many ways like adding frame posters to your walls, adding unique tech that stands out, also having some cool wallpaper on your screen, adding a Pop Vinyl.

You can also try to add a plant to your setup because I do find that adding a bit of greenery to a setup can make it stand out even more.

Also when going for a style I’d recommend figuring out a theme for your setup.

Whether it be a color theme like red and black or maybe a simple blue color theme or maybe you want a theme surrounding something else like possibly having like a Star Wars theme setup or even a Marvel’s being set up

It really would all depend on your preference but overall there are still a lot more ways to add style and personality to a setup that I haven’t even mentioned.

Because when it comes to style and personality there are quite infinite ideas that can happen.

5) Add RGB Lighting

gaming setup

RGB is overlooked a lot of the time because some people think that RGB lighting is overrated or just not needed.

Well on the contrary you don’t necessarily need RGB lighting for a setup but it would definitely be helpful because lighting can make a huge difference in the setup and Plus RGB lighting just looks cool in general.

And there are multiple ways of implementing lighting into a setup whether it be like an RGB light strip, a color-changing wallpaper on your screen, maybe even consider getting an RGB lamp or an RGB light bulb for mood lighting.

But just anything that can add some nice glow to your setup, will make it stand out even more.

6) Go Wireless

Go Wireless

I know some people may hate on this but you have to understand that this tip is only gonna be for some people depending on the situation, but a wireless setup is going to look 10 times cleaner compared to a wired setup.

It’s gonna be more convenient since there’s less of a need for cable management and also compared to a few years ago there’s actually a lot of wireless options that perform pretty much the same way as your wired counterparts.

So swap your headphones for wireless headphones, get a wireless keyboard and mouse may be set up some wireless speakers if you want to go extra.

I don’t know just overall make your whole setup Wireless as this would help make your desk more clear of wires.

But I will note that going Wireless can cause a hefty amount especially if you’re trying to go fully wireless and if you want to take the extra step of making more room on your desk

If you have a microphone like the Blue Yeti you should consider getting a microphone arm as that would make your desk setup cleaner.

7) Mount Your Monitors


You should consider getting a monitor stand if you haven’t already done so because a setup that uses a monitor stand is gonna look way sexier and clean compared to a setup that just uses the normal monitor legs.

Before reading the step, make sure your monitor is VESA compatible. You can do this by looking at the back of your monitor and checking if 4 screw places in a square are available, or just check on the manufacturer’s website.

Once you have made sure your monitor is VESA compatible, you can continue reading.

There are 2 types of monitor mounting: Desk mounting and Wall mounting. If you frequently change the position of your setup, then go for desk mounting.

Otherwise go for wall mounting, as it saves you even more space on your desk.

The general benefits of mounting your monitor are amazing. Monitor mounting will give you extra desk space to work with, which is really helpful especially for those who have monitors with huge bases.

Monitor mounting is also aesthetically pleasing, as it gives your setup a cleaner look overall.

Before buying one, make sure the specific mount you want supports your screen size, as some mounts don’t support over 27 inches.

Monitor mounts that hook to the desk are called “monitor arms”, and they come in many shapes and forms. So choose one based on what your needs are.

8) Use Wallpaper Engine

Use a live wallpaper but more specifically wallpaper engine and if you don’t know what it is already.

It’s basically this cool software on Steam that lets you use an animated wallpaper on your desktop with little to no performance hit when using different applications or when gaming.

And the software itself only costs about four dollars which is honestly quite a steal because you will have access to hundreds of thousands of live wallpapers.

This is only increasing every day because of the number of people publishing their own work and you can create your own live wallpaper yourself if you want to.

But overall if you really want to spice up your ass up a bit especially when taking photos of it or want to admire it more.

You should definitely look into getting wallpaper engine for a wide assortment of animated wallpapers.

9) Get Acoustic Foam

If you’re a YouTuber or Streamer you’re definitely gonna want to invest in Acoustic Foam as they help improve your audio quality by absorbing echoes or background noise or if your room echos a lot when you talk.

You can easily get rid of that by buying some acoustic foam because having a lot of echo in your room does not sound that good compared to a room with no echo.

Also, you can make your room look way cooler and more professional if you get acoustic foam as they come in all types of shapes and sizes.

But more importantly, different colors so if you have a certain color theme for your setup you can easily accent it more by buying some foam panels for the same color.

10) Get Elgato Stream Deck

10) Get Elgato Stream Deck

You should get an Elgato stream deck, now this isn’t meant to make your gaming setup look cool but it is meant to help with workflow while you’re at your gaming setup.

If you don’t already know what the stream does, basically it has buttons so you can customize it to do certain actions.

Like if you’re streaming you could have your stream deck set up sticking transition between certain scenes on one button maybe have a button look at chat or even have one that launches a certain game.

You don’t even have to be a streamer to use this thing efficiently, if you’re a content creator you can program different buttons to launch different applications.

Maybe have one that automatically opens up Photoshop or another one that opens up your editing software.

I mean the possibilities are pretty much endless as you can customize buttons however you like even adding different photos label what each button does.

Elgato stream deck does come in three sizes the mini with six keys, a normal stream deck with 15 keys, and an extra-large with 32 keys.

I would recommend getting the mini because although there are only six keys on it you can set up multiple folders each with its own different actions.

So you can typically have more options plus it is the cheapest out of the three but it is still kind of pricey but if you do have the money and just want more convenience.

Elgato Stream Deck XL Trailer

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