Should you peel the sticker off your NVMe SSD?

Should you peel the sticker off your NVMe SSD Or You Should Leave It On

The short answer is you should leave it on, and I’m going to explain why and a couple of other details about the NVMe SSD’s that maybe you did not know before.

The reason people ask this question in the first place is that NVMe SSD’s are somewhat known for getting a little hot.

This does not happen with all of them across the board but especially when you get to the higher end NVMe SSD’s like the PCIe 4.0 ones that actually bump up against the barriers of the available bandwidth of PCIe 4.0 or PCIe 3.0 if that’s the type of drive that you have and if they get really hot they will slow themselves down.

so that’s the first point to make is that even if you are thermally limited scenario if you’re installing it into a laptop or something like that or just a situation where you don’t have a lot of airflow.

An SSD should throttle itself or slow itself down if it’s overheating before it actually causes any damage to the drive itself and pretty much every SSD has that built-in to some degree.

But what if you don’t want your expensive NVMe SSD to slow itself down, well then you will have to keep it a little bit cooler and there are a few different ways you can do that.

One is to make sure that there is a good airflow going over it but that’s not always an option, then another option or solution is to have a heat sink on it and there’s a lot of different heat sinks.

Some that come with the SSD itself, some that are aftermarket that you can buy and add on if you have a standard M.2 2280 SSD.

But if have ever installed something like a CPU before and you know that there’s a CPU and a heat spreader and a heat sink that goes on top of that with the thermal paste in between.

It’s very important to get good contact and good pressure between the cooling solution and the CPU to make sure you have an ideal heat transfer between them.

Then you might look at the sticker on it and be like this SSD has a sticker, should I put a heat sink right on top of that, is the sticker going to impede the transfer of heat between the hot elements on the SSD.

So you should not be very concerned about that is because pretty much SSD manufacturer makes stickers that are specifically meant to be thermally conductive.

So basically, these are special stickers, they’re not just like a normal type of sticker or label that they stick on there, They are made to conduct heat and help transfer it.

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