Half a MILLION GPUs May Hit the Market Soon

I got some news for you guys, half a million GPUs should be hitting the used market very soon, that’s right you heard me correctly half a million GPUs.

If you’re a gamer who’s out there right now and you are desperate for some sort of GPU well you actually might be in luck.

According to a Tom’s Hardware article, they had this to say about the nearly 500,000 GPUs that were recently returned to a mining operation in China.

Which of course you can’t actually mine in china anymore, which means those GPUs are very likely to go on the used market but in any case, this is what they had to say about it.

Half a MILLION GPUs May Hit the Market Soon

So yes let’s go ahead and break this whole thing down and the first thing I want to tackle is the idea that these are all RX 470 8GB GPUs and while that is certainly possible that nearly half a million of these GPUs are those exact same RX 470 8GB GPUs.

I do think it’s very likely there are going to be other GPUs mixed in there as well as it’s very unlikely to be able to get that many of the same GPUs, especially of the same gigabyte capacity as well just in one single operation.

So there’s likely that other GPUs in there as well, there could be higher-end GPUs if you are in the market for something like that.

But do keep in mind that the majority of these GPUs as they mentioned likely are those kinds of entry-level RX 470 graphics cards.

Now, what type of performance do these things put out, well they’re very good for 1080p today and 8 gigabytes makes them very good for future-proofing.

But if you’re someone who’s out there and you’re looking for an RTX 3080 well this isn’t going to be the GPU that you’re going to be on the hunt for.

Now that being said when you get half a million GPUs suddenly flooding the used market it could potentially lead a lot of other people away from overspending on GPUs like the RTX 3060, 3070, or 3080 and they could end up settling for something like an RX 470.

If it does end up you know in the American market on places like eBay, which I do think is very likely you will see a lot of them over there.

However, it is possible that these GPUs could end up you know potentially just staying in china even if that is the case however i still think this is very good news for gamers.

Because that just means that you know those extra half a million GPUs if they end up getting resold on the second-hand market.

Even if it’s only in China that’s going to lead to a lot fewer people trying to buy new GPUs taking a lot of strain off of this whole entire market.

Now realistically even though half a million GPUs is a lot of GPUs, well we do have to be realistic here and I have to tell you guys this isn’t going to suddenly solve the entire GPU situation overnight.

Not only is this mostly RX 470s as it mentioned so it’s not going to cover GPUs like the RTX 3080, 3070, or above but on top of that there’s just way more people than half a million who are looking for GPUs right now.

Now if all of a sudden all the mining operations in the world suddenly decide to sell their cards honestly I wouldn’t be too surprised if that did basically solve the whole supply and demand issues basically overnight.

But realistically with one mining operation no matter how big it is it isn’t going to solve the entire thing but I do think it is going to have a significant impact and it is definitely going to be a good thing for gamers.

It’s just going to allow you to get your hands on a GPU that much easier if and when they do end up on the used market.

Now there is a chance that they could go ahead and ship these off to a different country and continue to mine on them.

As it looks like the majority of these cards are 8GB RX 470s, not 4GB if they were 4GB cards which I’m sure there are some in there as well.

Well then at that point they’d be like well not only is it banned in China but on top of that Ethereum is taking more than 4 gigabytes at this point if you want to mine it.

So we have no choice but to sell them but at this point, they do have another choice they could decide to ship them to another country and mine on them.

However, realistically tom’s hardware crunched the numbers and they came to the conclusion that they sold all these GPUs right now at the current market value.

They could make 153 million dollars now, I don’t know about you but they as a company getting suddenly 153 million dollars when they can’t mine on them legally in their country right now.

That’s probably the best alternative and I would expect to see a large amount of these GPUs if not all of them hitting the used market very soon.

So let’s just all hope and pray that we do end up seeing these gpus in the U.S market as well because if all of a sudden we’re able to log into ebay and see just an absolute flood of RX 470s.

And possibly other gpus as well all over the used market you can bet that that’s going to lead to decreasing prices as well as higher availability for other cards that people have been interested in.

But hey that’s just what I think, do you think this flood of nearly half a million gpus into the used market is gonna help or do you think it’s not really gonna make too much of a difference let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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