The Dark Truth of AMD’s GPUs is Really SHOCKING


Some new information about AMD’s Radeon division was posted online that I think is really going to shock you guys because it definitely shocked me.

So real quick before we get into the meat of this post, I want this post to reach as many people as possible as I think it’s just really important that we talk about the current state of the Radeon division within AMD as I’m just a little bit concerned with the way things are going over there.

So if you agree it would be a huge help if you could share this post with as many people as possible as well as comment your thoughts below but in any case.

Twitter post

so there’s been some concerning trends coming from the Radeon division from AMD and there’s something that specifically was just posted online that has me very concerned with the health of Radeon.

This actually comes originally from a post over on Reddit and was shared over on Twitter by the Twitter user Kepler and if we go ahead and we take a look at the tweet.

Here’s what he had to say about this “someone on Reddit figured out how to get RDNA2 market share from steam hardware survey. TL;DR: all RDNA2 GPUs combined have a lower market share than the RTX 3090 alone, and ampere outsold RDNA2 9 to 1”.

That sounds really bad and of course, there’s probably going to be some people in the comments already going to be talking about how useless the steam hardware survey is because there’s a lot of internet cafes that like to use Nvidia GPUs and so they’ll get multiple logins from there and so it can actually inflate the numbers.

But what we got to keep in mind here is that the RTX 3090 is very unlikely to be used in an internet cafe I mean there’s just no way that these internet cafes are gonna be spending fifteen hundred dollars plus on every single computer just for the GPU alone.

So I think that we can safely say that while this might not give us a 100 percent accurate picture of the overall landscape, I do think that it gives us a rough idea of what things are looking like, and guys it’s not looking good.

reddit post

In fact, if we go ahead and take a look at the actual Reddit post, we can see some more information and a breakdown of what the actual market share of each GPU is, and again it is not good if we take a look.

First here at the 6900xt, it actually has a market share of apparently 0.08%, the 6800xt has 0.1%, 6800 has 0.05%, and the 6700xt has 0.11%.

So that actually kind of lines up with roughly what I thought it would look like, except I actually thought that the 6900xt would have sold more.

reddit post

If you scroll down and you can see some more information here where one Reddit user actually breaks it down and says that according to this there are more RTX 3090s(0.37%) than all RDNA2 combined also Ampere vs RDNA2 market share it’s actually apparently 93.4% for Nvidia vs 6.6% for AMD.

And guys that is just so bad because I remember not too long ago people were talking about how concerning it was when Nvidia was getting over 70% market share but if this trend continues and Nvidia continues to outsell, AMD getting over 90 market share, well then AMD might as well not be producing graphics cards whatsoever.

Because what we’re looking at here is essentially one GPU manufacturer and then one guy that sort of exists, we basically only have one option here according to these results.

There are some AMD cards available and in fact a bizarrely there are some that are sitting on shelves, now I think the biggest reason as to why they are sitting on shelves at certain retailers is because they are just vastly overpriced and they also have a hard time marketing their GPUs.

But I also believe this also comes down to well AMD’s just not producing enough cards because when they do produce enough cards and they sell them anywhere near the price that they’re supposed to be selling them or well they just simply can’t make enough to meet the insanely high demand.

So it begs the question, what AMD is doing? why did they put all of your products on seven nanometers?.

I guess at the time maybe they didn’t know how bad demand was gonna be and they thought they could get by. But again putting all of their products on a seven-nanometer was clearly a bad idea.

Because they’re not even getting anywhere near meeting the amount of demand and getting outsold by Nvidia according to the above post.

Basically, AMD’s not producing any GPUs in comparison to Nvidia, and to make matters worse they’re just acting horribly when it comes to their prices.

AMD Radeon
Source: Graphically Challenged

It all started with the 6700xt because the 6800xt at 650$ while it’s maybe a little bit more expensive than I’d like it’s really not too bad for the price to performance but then you go down the stack the 6700xt which came out last has a price of 480$.

And you got to remember everyone threw a big fit when they tried to come out with the 5700xt of 450$, so why they thought they could get away with 480$, it just doesn’t make sense to me other than well everything selling that they can possibly produce, so they’re like you know what let’s just charge as much as we can possibly charge without looking horrible.

Well, it already looks horrible, and to make matters even worse, the latest card that’s about to be announced the 6600xt is going to be 380$ and this is where everybody really started to lose their mind.

Because if AMD had any interest in increasing their market share whatsoever, which clearly they don’t, because they’re trying to sell this card for 380$ which honestly should be like a 250$ card

They wouldn’t be selling this card for so much if they really want to sell cards they wouldn’t be pricing themself out of the market, the 6600xt makes the 3060 look good and the 3060 is a horrible price at 330$.

We get that the market’s bad, but the MSRP does mean something I know some people say the MSRP doesn’t mean anything right now, but yes it does mean something because when GPU prices return to normal, and believe me they will.

They’re gonna go back to their MSRP originally or they’re gonna have to undercut their MSRP and as a business, it looks terrible when you have to reduce your prices because you’re not able to sell your product.

I hate Nvidia when they’re anti-consumer, I hate Intel when they’re anti-consumer, and trust me these companies are anti-consumer plenty of times, there are plenty of incidents of them doing that, I also hate AMD for them being anti-consumer and this is totally anti-consumer this stuff they’ve been doing recently.

It’s just that if there was just such overwhelming demand that AMD couldn’t get them or if they’re being sold to miners or what’s happening on one knows because this is a little bit suspicious if there was going to be so many cards available on launch for the rx6000 series like I was hearing, then where did they go?.

Because the steam hardware survey is not showing them and, so I think it’s funny when they had all this big talk coming out from AMD about how they’re going to be able to meet demand within a couple of weeks.

I think they talked about that shortly at hardware and box after the launch of the rx6000 series and they were also talking about how their cards weren’t going to be good for mining and you know if you wanted to mine you should go over to Nvidia because their GPU is for gamers.

Well if their GPUs are for gamers, then why did no gamers have them, because again as much as the steam survey might be flawed to see something like 14 to 1 Nvidia vs AMD there’s clearly something here.

Honestly, I’m super disappointed with AMD as a company right now specifically the Radeon division but honestly, even on the CPU side they’re starting to drive their prices up further and further and they’re just starting to become like the companies that were supposedly not like.

They’re starting to become like intel they’re, starting to become like Nvidia, and in some cases, they’re becoming worse, like with the 6600xt.

In my opinion, it’s going to be far worse value than the 3060 which is already terrible value, so I think it’s time that we stop treating AMD like the underdog, they clearly don’t want to be treated like the underdog anymore.

They don’t care about all that goodwill that they’ve gained over the years, if you were someone who supported AMD over the years and you bought their products even when a lot of people weren’t, well clearly they don’t care about you anymore but, all they care about is making as much money as possible right now.

They don’t care about market share and they don’t care about their future Radeon and they especially don’t care about you like the company and that’s just clear to me based on these results as well as the prices that are being listed for their new products coming out and again this is really disappointing.

But that’s just what I think, what do you think about this steam hardware survey, do you think that’s actually accurate or do you think that there’s way more GPS being sold than what’s being reported.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you made it to the end of this post be sure to share this post, every time you do so AMD and Nvidia get more stock.

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